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Sounds like you? Keep reading. 

I am a business-mentor for soulpreneurs, visionaries and starseeds. I help you to find deep clarity for your work - and your own voice.

It takes a brave heart to find
the deep clarity for your soul business

I don’t want to tell you another persuasive marketing story.
Because by now you have discovered that deep clarity can’t be found in your horoscope or the next DIY training.
We've all tried that. Here is the truth:
Your real calling will take you to the edge – and finally, beyond it.
Beautiful. That’s exactly what it’s meant to do.
Because that’s the place where you will discover who you really are,
and that you have the power to move the world with your heart.


have your own business, a lot of training and even more ideas.
No, let’s not talk about all the books, time and money that went into that.
You are on a spiritual path, and you want to contribute to this shift in consciousness that we are going through.
There is so much more in you that wants to find expression in your work.
And you feel you might go crazy if all this passion remains trapped in your head.
But, whenever you try to map it all out, you end up in confusion.
Not only that, you feel shame for being unable to solve this thing on your own.

I am Katharina

and I am glad we have met. Because I was stuck in this painful maze for a long time. I know all the curves and dead ends.
But I have also learned all about the exits. It has been the research project of my life. It has changed who I am and what I do.
As a soul & business mentor I help entrepreneurs to step into their clarity and shed the fear to share their love and wisdom.
I love to work with visionaries, starseeds and spiritual leaders who want to make this world a more awakened, loving, whole, connected and sustainable place. 


So why...


is it so hard to find a clear focus for your business?
One that stays with you for more than a few days?
I want to be completely honest with you.
Because I wish somebody had been honest with me.
For this step there are no templates, apps or gadgets.
No magnetic copy can cover up your confusion. 

Like all meaningful things
it is simple, but not easy...

If your clarity secretly scares you: "Who am I to talk about awakening, innovation or a more beautiful world?"
Or if your truth challenges your sense of security or the mainstream rules of our society…

It is almost impossible to find deep clarity on your own.
Without someone to guide you it is difficult to find a route through the haze.
But this fogginess, this inner struggle, plays a very important role.
It has become your hiding place – uncomfortable but safe.
Don't judge yourself for it. Most of us grew up with no feedback for our unique energy or encouragement to share our real gifts. And we were taught to betray our hearts and inner wisdom in order to fit into our society.

When it comes to our clarity and brilliance we all need personal support to step out of our confusion.Optin English Because your inner safety blanket will take you to the next DIY fad - but never to the edge and beyond.

When you find your clarity, things finally fall into place.
You can stop the wheel of reinvention. Strategy starts making sense.
You talk about the stuff that really matters to you.
And you will truly connect with the people who need to hear what you have to say.

Clarity is the place where you feel ready 
to share with the world who you really are.

And here is the secret.
You don't have to struggle more.
It's actually a love story that begins with fully embracing who you are.
I promise that it will be one of the most exciting
and beautiful things you will ever do with your life.

Ready to take the next step?

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