was macht ein Business Coach

Hi, I am Katharina 

and I am a soul & business mentor for visionaries and soulpreneurs.
My goal is to help you find your business clarity and embody it with ease and joy.

As a soulpreneur and visionary, you bring new ideas and possibilities to this planet. You carve new trails into unknown territories. For that you need distance from your own inner critic, as well as from what I call the matrix – the land of safety, rules and formulas, the land where everyone seems to know something about your industry.

As a bringer of the new you don’t fit in. And people won’t always get what your work is really about. But finding your deep clarity takes courage. It involves creating your own philosophy. For some time it can feel like catching an invisible cloud. We all need some support for this phase of our business.

Why you can trust me

I know how difficult it is to step out of the fogginess and into an understanding of your purpose. I have been there. Despite all my training, my success and my spiritual learning, I used to be constantly frustrated by my failure to transfer this deep inner knowing over to my business. I was searching for my clarity and my real voice for a long time. Something was missing and I didn’t understand what it was. The only thing I knew was that I had to have it. 


My search brought me to my knees. If somebody had handed me a ticket to another galaxy I would have been game. I wasn’t lazy, in fact, I worked like mad. And then I discovered the world of online marketing and its endless vaults of wisdom and persuasion. But it wasn’t the promised solution. In fact it was a period in which I became utterly lost. And neither willpower, nor marketing, copywriting, branding, nor more training could give me more clarity. The more I learned the more confused I became. Because most of these “business rules” didn’t reflect the world I wanted to create. A lot of them were based on the belief that we must betray our souls to earn our living. I was trying to run on ideas and values which were not my own. No wonder I was disconnected from my organic power.

I had to let go of everything that was not in deep alignment with my soul. That started with a time of unlearning all the rules, the guidelines, and how-to formulas. Because, as long as I trusted the ideas of others more than my own vision, I couldn’t see what I wanted to bring into this world. Finding my clarity turned out to be the most healing and game changing adventure of my life. My clarity wasn’t something unattainable. It had been there all along, but I had been too scared to grasp it.

It is when we are scared that the fog descends. We forget brilliant ideas within a few seconds. Clarity is our ability to stay true to our soul. To remember who we really are, even in fearful moments. And it allows us to bring our whole crazy journey into our business game, and build a soulbusiness that gives back to the world.

My own journey changed the way I work completely. I began noticing the same patterns, pitfalls and fogginess in other people who strive to do innovative work. Over time I developed a simple process to escape the maze of confusion and find the way home to one’s true voice.

Facts and figures:

  • I was born in Munich, Germany, 1962. There I lived, studied (diploma in ecology) and worked for the first 30 years of my life.
  • Then I moved to Switzerland and became an interior designer and Business Feng Shui consultant. And then, 20 years ago, I started my first business. I helped hundreds of communities, companies and private clients to find their flow and create successful working spaces.
  • For as long as I can remember, I was interested in personal growth and awakening. That lead me to remote monasteries in the Himalayas, introduced me to some wonderful teachers and inspired me to undertake a lot of training: Psychodrama (Moreno Institute Überlingen), Shiatsu (ESI Munich), Feng Shui (INFIS Switzerland), Bodywork (Aruna Institute Germany), diamond approach – Hameed Almaas (USA), Voice – Acting Studio Chicago (USA), Universalis Training – William Linville (USA), QHHT, Dolores Cannon USA. 
  • fotocollagekathiOne of the most valuable lessons I ever learned was how not to start a business. For a short time I had a plus size fashion label. It was an old dream and it felt so important. But it failed because I produced things I thought other people would love, rather than the things that I love. As an entrepreneur, in business, I had to forgive myself this decision. As a woman, personally, it was a rich and healing experience.
  • Equally important, I also know how to earn really good money and lead a business through all stages of growth into fruition.
  • 4 years ago I decided to live half the year as a digital nomad. My favourite places are Byron Bay in Australia and Ubud in Bali. But with my laptop business I also sailed through the south pacific, went to acting school in Chicago and sat under the Eiffel tower. When I’m not travelling I live close to Lucerne, Switzerland.

My values

Spirituality: My work is dedicated to bringing soul and heart to our work and our global economy. We can’t forget our need for meaning, connection, intuition, truth and bliss when we enter our working space.
Effectiveness: I have been a client myself in many business coachings, trainings, masterminds… Very often I realised that there was far too much theory in an attempt to cover up for the fact that there was hardly any personal support for the actual implementation. This is what happens when a business is focused more on leverage than on change. My work is very focused on helping you to do what needs to be done and to implement your own wisdom.
Integrity: I don’t like to experience persuasion, fake scarcity, daily emails, clever marketing, under delivering, and cunning sales funnels. So I will never burden my clients with anything of the sort. If we decide to work together, we both need to be certain that this is the right thing to do.
Relationship: Who I am in my business is the same as who I am in my daily life. I remember the times when I had a fashion label and I was scared that people would recognize me in town in my jeans and t-shirt – so different from the public persona I tried to create.
My work is based on the fact that I really like my customers and believe in their success. I see you as a fellow friend and I am honoured to accompany you along this part of your path. I believe that we as humans all walk each other home.

The quest for our purpose is, in truth, our need to awaken a facet of our soul which we have forgotten. To move the world with our hearts, not our fears.
And to manifest the things we deeply love.