end of stagnation


I want you to deeply know and feel
what it is that
you bring into the world.


There are a few things you should know about me and how I work: I consider and treat our work together as a sacred journey. The woman who has found her clarity is not the same woman who went in search of it. Once you see the bigger picture of your quest, finding your clarity becomes your mystical journey home.

Here’s some bad news: It's not a quick fix. Quick fixes lead us astray, because they are born out of fear. Clarity is an ongoing journey which takes you deeper into your own connection to life and source energy.

Clarity means that you dare to be loyal to your soul.

The good news: Since this is a journey on which you never truly arrive it also matters not
where you begin – you can drop the idea of perfection and feeling ready. 

You are ready now.


Who my work is for:

Finding your clarity is a rite of passage into your organic power. I work only with people who can benefit from the process I offer. This means, that....

  • Your business is related to the global shift in consciousness.
  • You are hungry for meaning and you want to be connected, through your work, to something bigger.

When is the best moment to work with me?

You feel ready to make decisions, after a rich period of experiencing, soul-searching and reflection on your business ideas. This contemplative pre-phase is very important, so I recommend you don’t skip it. At this point in your journey you are in the ideal place for us to cooperate:

  • Your business is in the late start-up phase. You are clear on your direction, you aren’t still questioning whether you’d rather  be a psychic medium or start a raw food bakery. You have a homepage, have had some customers and learned a bit about marketing. But you have too many ideas. You really struggle to explain to other people (and quite often to yourself) what your work is about – which is why you struggle to get real traction.

  • It is a time of reinvention for your business. You had a good time doing what you did, but now something is missing. You have lost your motivation. There is more depth, mystery, beauty and meaning waiting for you and your customers.


How I work:

I am an energy tracker – I see the world and people as moving energy. Together we observe and move your energy.  I also use coaching questions, acting exercises and systemic constellation. And you will do a lot of work with your voice. This will help you to embody your clarity. 

Even though we all have individual missions, we go through a typical process on our way to deeper clarity. We walk through this process at your own pace - following your soul and your energy.  

My work is not for you, if...

  • Your business does not relate to the challenges and needs of our time.
  • You are expecting a magic formula to launch you into rockstardom.
  • There are still so many avenues you want to look down. If you go too early on the deep clarity journey it can feel limiting. The right moment is when you are calm and deliberate. Not stumbling into it out of panic and desire for the next shiny thing. When you know for certain that deep clarity is what you need.

If you feel called to take the next step you are welcome
to book a free, twenty-minute session: