Coaching Paket, Klarheit finden

Deep clarity for your soul-business,
from the inside out.

A very personal coaching journey for people
who worry about never getting there.


Here is the test; if the following statements make you happy and confirm your path – then what are you doing here? Close down this site and go to work. Or admire nature. If they make you uneasy, however, keep reading. I...

  • Can explain what I do with ease and clarity. Not because I anxiously practised an elevator pitch, but because I have a deep understanding of my business and the processes I facilitate. I feel at home with my wisdom, passion and love for my work.
  • Understand the red thread in my training, my failures and successes and my quests. I am able to invest all of myself into my business.
  • Have made friends with my power, the sister aspect of my deep clarity. I can use both to withstand my inner critic in moments of doubt.
  • Am aware of my own energy, which I bring into every encounter. I understand the impact this energy has on my surroundings and I am aware of the doors I open for others with it. This personal energy is the basis of my brand.
  • Understand the creative ideas and teachings which I bring into the world. They build the base for my offerings, my strategies and my communications.
  • Know what I am doing on a soul level – independently from titles, taglines and labels. This helps me to get in touch with the people who really need what I have to offer. This also defines my personal ecosystem, aka the circumstances which help my soul to thrive.
  • Have dropped all the stuff that feels crazy, unaligned, untruthful and lacking in integrity.
  • Enjoy moving closer and closer to the heart of my business – because I am willing to follow my truth, my visions and my values.

Ah.... you decided to keep reading! Because there is so much know-how and beauty that you want to bring into the world.
You feel stuck, and that if you stay this way it will drive you crazy.
My Sacred Idea might be right for you. Check it out.



My Sacred Idea will help you to define your business from the inside out; to give it the depth, clarity and ease you are longing for. It is a journey into the heart of your business and follows a specific route through your fogginess. However, it is not always a logical process, in fact it will feel at times counterintuitive. Clarity comes with a deeper alignment to your soul. This will activate your inner critic with lightning speed. And it’s the very reason that this program is as much a rite of passage as it is a business coaching.

These are some of the difficulties you encounter:

  • You have tons of training, interests and experience, but you don’t see how it is all connected. Maybe you judge yourself for it and try to appear more streamlined than you are.
  • It feels difficult to talk about what you do exactly. You kinda sorta know and feel it. But the moment you try to structure it, the fog descends. An inner voice tells you: “Who are you to talk about this stuff? All the things you still don’t know…”
  • It feels like a lot of effort to describe your work, your processes, your guiding principles. What you come up with either feels excessively intellectualised, like someone else, or doesn’t really land with other people.
  • This creates self-doubt and leads to constant reinvention or the need for yet more training.
  • You know that, within your work, there is a great potential for more depth and truth. You want to share your experiences with the world with more courage and ease.
  • You can sense that this is related to the resonance your work will have, but you don’t have a clue how to get there. Right now you can tell that things are stagnant.
  • On a personal level, you feel that there is a lot of love and passion bottled up within you that wants to be expressed.testien1

Finding deep clarity on your own is like giving yourselves a haircut.

We don’t have the necessary distance to see the bigger picture. We are caught up in our fears and emotions. The more courageous and clear we get the more active the inner critic will become. We have a moment of deep clarity, but before we count to three we feel mysteriously confused again. It is a pain in the neck, but normal, unless you are buddha. Somebody neutral can help you through this terrain because they are not impacted by your fears and can hold the space of your clarity.

How we work together - the procedure:

  • It is a very personal and intimate cooperation. Which means we need to get to know each other before we get started. Please book a free coaching call. After that we both decide if we are a good fit and if you are ready for this kind of work. If it feels too early to narrow down your work, or deeply commit to a path, I suggest you start with just a single sessions for the time-being.
  • This cycle starts with a module that helps you prepare for the first session. Please give yourself at least 10 days to work through the material before we meet. It will start your process of research and conscious soul connection.
  • Our first session lasts 2 -3 hours, in which we get an overview of your work, your dreams, the deeper truth of your business, your energy, your story, your values, your strength. I will ask a lot of questions and we will discuss everything you wish to share and explore. I listen, I reflect, I reframe your thoughts, so that you can delve deeper into your inner knowingness.
  • We have 5 more sessions (app. 5 hours in total), in which we work on the foundations of your business:
    • How to use your story, your personal strength and energy.
    • Define your values and create supportive boundaries.
    • Understand the processes you use in your own work.  
    • Formulate your sacred idea and define the principles you will bring into the world.
    • Understand your ecosystem and the customers who are a good fit for you.
  • At the end of this mentoring cycle you will have created a table that contains all the base data for your business. This is the foundation for your decisions, your offerings and your communications.
  • Between our sessions and up to 2 weeks after our last session you are welcome to stay in touch through email.
  • Please know that you will need a minimum of 10 - 15 hours between sessions for reflection, meditation and preparation.
  • This program will take place in a time span of maximum 10 weeks. Sometimes it can be done faster, but usually it brings up a lot of Aha moments which need time for integration. On the other hand, to prevent the loss of flow and continuity, it is also best not to spread the process out for too long. You can book and change your next sessions with a link to my agenda.

What we don’t do in this program:

We don’t discuss hundreds of business models or career options. If you don’t know what you want to be, a lawyer or a nutritionist, a marketing advisor or a yoga instructor, this program will make neither of us happy.

This is what we do do, with great love and passion:

We give your budding or existing business a very clear focus and the depth you are longing for. You will understand that you yourself are the medicine in your business. You can use not only your know-how but your personal energy and your own story as a source of inspiration for change, healing and innovation.

Finding clarity and becoming visible with who you really are is an emotional journey.

  • It means letting go of the compromises you adopted in order to fit in. It means fully laying claim to the fact that you can change circumstances, decisions and actions.
  • It is a powerful testament to your creative energy while being completely human, with all the challenges and failures that come with such a journey.
  • It is a process that helps you step into your organic power and to become more masterful over the emotions that arise from doing so.
  • Give yourself some time after the sessions to go for a walk, to rest, to scribble and to integrate. Some people experience a time of deep tiredness in the beginning. It’s a normal reaction to letting go of the wrong efforts.
  • To embody the clarity more and more requires continued action and care. At the end of our journey you will receive some exercises to help you as you move forward. You can also use a single session whenever you need to stay accountable and on track.

Nuts and bolts - the prerequisites:

  • Your business is about something bigger than you or a certain income. It is related to the needs of our times.
  • You are done with experimenting, you know the general direction of your business and are ready to commit to an idea.
  • You know that you really need more clarity, depth, focus and alignment.
  • You hold back essential parts of yourself because you don’t want to stick out, or you are afraid it is impossible to make a living from the things you are truly passionate about.
  • You already have some experience with your business. You have a homepage, customers and have at least dabbled with marketing.  But you go around in circles. A lot of thinking, a lot of effort, but very few results.
  • You have done quite a bit of inner personal work. You know yourself well enough to be able to observe your emotions, actions and decisions.

How to prepare for this adventure:

If you haven’t done so I recommend that you take the strengthsfinder test. The test will show you your five biggest strength – the stuff you are really good at.

Please share your results with me. On the homepage of the Gallup institute you find videos of people who have the same strengths as you. This gives you an idea of how other people experience your energy. To give you an idea about my strengths: I am an activator, achiever, strategic thinker, learner and intellectual. Innovation and passion are my core strength. I love to bring great ideas into form and get things rolling.   


You get 8 hours of sessions (which we split in a way that best suits your journey) plus 5 hours of personal email support for questions, feedback on copy or exercises. You pay what you can, between 890 and  1'500 Swiss Francs (equals USD).

How to deal with this pay what you can offer: My intention is to offer this work to people based on how much they need and can benefit from this journey, not on how much they are able to pay. The quality of our work is not determined by the amount you pay. But I trust that you will find the right value that honours your journey, my work and your resources. Have a look at what you charge yourself and what you can afford. Ask yourself what amount of money will value your process.


Sometimes our mind tells us, as soon as things get challenging, that a project is nonsense. But it is important to keep moving through the process, not to give up at the first hurdle. However, if you have the feeling that my work is not for you, we can end our work after the first session. You can send me an email with feedback about why this does not work for you, and I will reimburse your investment, minus 200 Franks for the first session.


First step: Book a free mini-coaching call and fill out the form included. After the coaching call we both take a day or two to see if we still feel this is the right decision. If it feels too early or the wrong program, you are welcome to use single sessions to find more clarity about your current situation. If we both want to proceed I will send you a contract, a bill, and the preparation material for session one.

If you feel called to take the next step, you are welcome to book a free, twenty-minute session: