Coachingangebot Einzelstunde


Single Sessions are perfect if you…

  • Want to get to know my work better before you decide to start a full coaching cycle (which I really recommend).
  • Are struggling to make a decision, have been going around in circles for too long, and need a sounding board, a sparring partner and coach.
  • Did a coaching journey with me some time ago and now feel ready for a refresher session – maybe the fogginess has crept in again, or you want to discuss a project.testis2


First, when you book your session, to help me get an idea of your business, you will receive a questionnaire. In the session itself we spend approximately 90 minutes together. But I don’t work with a stopwatch, and won’t cut the session off suddenly. I will make sure we close our work together without rushing, even if that means running over time. It doesn’t mean we will continue for hours upon hours, but we will make sure everything is wrapped up nicely, and that you leave with the clarity you need to feed your soulbusiness. At the end you get a recording of our session, so you can really take in what we discussed.You are welcome to send me an email within 10 days after our session for any questions that may arise.

Investment SFr 220.--
(approximately 190 Euro or 230 USD)


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 clarity session